Wireless Remote and Controller Kits

LOR Mobile Controls manufactures a full line of feature-rich, versatile, and rugged remote controls to improve the operational safety and job-site efficiency of mobile/off-highway applications. From agile hand-held transmitters to complex belly boxes, these kits are engineered to withstand harsh environments while providing smooth motion control, precise sensing, and machine feedback.

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Model #: LDCJ1939-4BT-AF

The Nexus is a 4-button digital controller with autofeed technology, SAEJ1939 compatibility, and a 2.8” sunlight-readable display for monitoring engine traffic. It features an IP67 rating, 9-32...Read more

Model #: LDCJ1939-8BT-AF

The Nexus Elite is an 8-button digital controller with autofeed technology and SAEJ1939 compatibility. It offers the same functionality as the standard Nexus while including external keypad...Read more

Model #: FRN-319-6RL

The Futaba FRN Kit is a compact radio kit with six momentary or latching dry contact relay outputs, a 319 MHz transmission frequency, and a 400’ LOS...Read more

Model #: LXL-24-PDL

The Stryker Pro+ is a belly box style transmitter with six single-axis proportional paddies and ten momentary multi-direction toggle switches that give operators a complete command console...Read more

Model #: LXH-900-KP

The Ranger is the smallest of the LOR transmitter designs, ideal for singlehanded use. This transmitter features a 900 MHz wireless transmission, a membrane keypad with 11...Read more

Model #: LXT-24-JS

The Stryker Pro transmitter takes field command to the next level by releasing operators from the restriction of toggle switches and adding a pair of precision thumbsticks...Read more

Model #: LXT-24-TS

The Stryker is a mid-sized transmitter with all of the functionality of a belly box in a manageable, ergonomic design ideal for all day use with 2.4...Read more