LDC J1939 Controller

The LDC J1939 Controller was desinged to provide a cost-effective, customizable solution for OEM applications. Whether controlling hydraulic valves, engine operations, or monitoring J1939 parameters–the LDC provides substantial I/O and a multifunction display, allowing ultimate flexibility to fit any application

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Quick Specs

  • Inputs: Up to 18
    • 16 Voltage: 7 &times Wide Band; 9 × Narrow Band*
    • 2 Frequency
  • Outputs: Up to 7
    • 7 × PWM
    • 1 × Low Side Relay
  • Remote Diagnostics Capable
  • 400×240px; Sunlight Readable Display
  • Programmable to fit any application


  • Complete Machine Control
  • J1939 Engine Traffic Monitor
  • Hydraulic Control Operation
  • Tier 4 Final Engine Control

Detailed Specs

General Specifications
Weight 8 oz.
Operating Temp.-40–170° F (-40–76° C)
Ingress ProtectionIP 67
Voltage Supply9–32VDC
Current ConsumptionOutputs OFF - 50 mA (12 VDC) 30 mA (24 VDC)
CAN ProtocolSAE J1939
User Interface
Display400×200 pixel 2.83′ Transflective Sunlight Readable Display
LEDsCustomizable Red, Blue, Green, and Amber
Warning and Shutdown indicators for J1939 Engine Faults
Keypad8 or 4 Position Tactile. IP 67 Sealed, Rated to 100,000 Cycles
Connection2×12 Pin Deutsch Connectors

Input Specifications

Voltage Inputs
NumberUp To 16* (7 × Wide Band; 9 × Narrow Band)
Signal RangeWide: 0–27 VDC
Narrow: 0–10 VDC
Max Voltage32 VDC
ResolutionWide: 6.7 mV/bit
Narrow: 2.44 mV/bit
Frequency Inputs
Frequency Range2–20,000 Hz
Min. Signal Voltage2 VAC
ResolutionWide: 6.7 mV/bit
Narrow: 2.44 mV/bit
Resistive Inputs
Signal Range0–1,000 Ω

Output Specifications

PWM Outputs
NumberUp to 6*
TypeHigh Side Switching (Hydraulic Solenoids, Horns, Lights, Relays, etc.)
Max Load5 Amps per output
PWM Frequency
31–500 Hz
Duty Cycle Resolution0.10%
ProtectionOver Load Shutdown
Open Load Detection
Relay Output
TypeLow Side
Max Load500 mA

* Inputs & Outputs may share pin assignments

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