Industrial Radio Remote Controls

We distribute a full range of industrial radio remote controls from simple two-function keyfobs to 24-channel systems with up to eight proportional outputs. Channel Watch technology provides automatic channel search and selection to ensure reliable, interference free operation. State of the art microprocessor design and surface mount technology provide exceptional quality and programmability. All transmitters are ergonomically friendly, yet impact resistant. Several different types of switches are available including membrane, toggle, and keypad. Both single and dual axis joysticks are employed for controlling cranes, self-propelled carriers, and boom trucks.

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The LXL Series Transmitter features 36 digital channels, and 16 analog functions. Configurable in either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz with internal processing capabilities, this Transmitter offers a wide range...Read more

The LXR Series Receiver features LED feedback and a J1939 CAN (Controller Area Network) connection. With internal processing capabilities, these robust industrial remote control receivers can be programmed to fit...Read more

When you need complex machine control in the palm of one hand, look no further than the LXH Series. The LXH transmitter was designed with the industrial crane market in...Read more

The LOR fleX Transmitter (LXT) was designed with a wide range of industrial applications in mind. The compact construction fits comfortably in your hands allowing easy access to all controls...Read more

The LOR Gateway Receiver (LGR) Series features four discrete solid state outputs, LED feed back and a J1939 CAN (Controller Area Network) connection. With internal processing capabilities, these robust industrial...Read more

With anywhere from 2 – 20 functions; The Apollo series of Industrial Radio Remote Controls offers a cost effective solution to all of your hoist based needs. From simple winch...Read more

The Cupid Series of Industrial Radio Remote Controls is perfect for more complex applications where directional control is required (e.g. overhead cranes, boom trucks, etc.). This compact system offers a...Read more

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Feel free to Contact Us with questions or concerns regarding replacement products.

The FRD-1201U is a rugged...Read more

The LOR Handheld Transmitter (LHT) was designed specifically for industrial applications. The rugged plastic enclosure is dust and water proof (IP65) with a silicone rubber seal surrounding the edges providing...Read more

The LDA Series Radio Remote Control System provides the flexibility to be configured as either a 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz system.The Transmitter features 20 digital channels, and 8 analog...Read more

The Futaba FRN-0602U 6-channel radio remote control system offers exceptional value in a small industrial remote control. With microprocessor control in both transmitter and receiver, the unit provides remote control...Read more